Health and Wellness Clinics

Costco does not operate pharmacies or provide the services referred to in these pharmacy web pages in the Province of Quebec. Pharmacies are independently owned and operated in the Province of Quebec. Please visit Grégoire Arakelian pharmacies website (external link).

A Costco Pharmacy is more than a place you go to pick up prescriptions and ask health questions. It's your health awareness information centre.

At Costco Pharmacy, you are also provided with, at no cost, access to our innovative and ongoing health and wellness programs. Various Health Promotion Clinics tailored to our patients' needs occur on a regular basis nationally. We pride ourselves on the quality of our clinics because they are comprehensive, unique and many include the use of innovative and accurate point-of-care testing devices. Through our clinics, pharmacists are able to determine, on the spot, how well medications are working for you and are able to design a tailored action plan that will help improve the management of your health condition. What also makes Costco Pharmacy a true leader in quality patient care is that we encourage and support our pharmacists in providing on-demand clinics because we know that even frequent offerings may not always be convenient for you. Watch the Health and Wellness Clinic Video

Ask your Costco pharmacist what clinic days are coming up, and how to register for them. Find the nearest Health Promotion Clinic.

Costco Pharmacy offers health promotion clinics on a wide range of topics, including the following:


Many health professionals will tell you that the best way to fight the flu is to not get it in the first place. Flu shots are especially important for those with certain heart and lung conditions as well as diabetes and compromised immune systems. Getting the flu shot is one quick and simple way of helping to ensure that you and your family stay healthy this flu season. Costco Pharmacy makes fighting the flu easier than ever. This fall, we are providing flu shot clinics at each of our pharmacies. In most provinces, you may be able to receive your flu shot for free; check with your pharmacist for details. We are accepting patients for online booking as well as in-person walk-ins. Please visit your local Costco location if online spaces are not available. Book your flu shot online now.


Type II diabetes, also known as adult onset diabetes, is becoming more prevalent every day. Our comprehensive Diabetes Program includes a HBA1C test as well as microfilament testing to screen for nerve damage in the feet, which is an alarming cause of amputations. Also, the clinic includes assessment and action plans for minimizing the risk factors for developing diabetes complications as well as training on appropriate blood sugar testing.

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This informative education day is designed to help patients learn more about heart disease risk factors and what the numbers mean in relation to cholesterol, blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, and body fat. It includes a personalized questionnaire with a full Framingham Risk Score that identifies your risk of developing a cardiovascular event in the next 10 years.

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This clinic uses a heel ultrasound to assess your risks of osteoporosis and bone fracture.

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Using a sophisticated hand-held analyzer, this non-invasive test identifies your body fat percentage and fat free mass (FFM), which will help you to understand your level of risk for a variety of conditions. You will also receive valuable information on healthy eating and proper nutrition.


In this clinic, a sophisticated UV detection camera is used to identify the sun damage that has already occurred to your skin. On the basis of this, you receive an individual risk assessment and specific information on sunscreens and prevention tips.

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With this innovative clinic, your lung function is checked with a compact hand-held spirometry-like device. You will receive a handout of the results along with educational material on asthma or chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD.) You will also receive valuable information on maintaining good lung health, including smoking cessation counselling and aids.

For more information on lung health, visit the Canadian Lung Association at