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Eating for Two - Nutrition During Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, enjoy the opportunity to nurture yourself and your growing baby with healthy food choices. Be good to both of you! Learn more about nutrition ahead of time to ensure your pregnancy is the best it can be.

Weight gain during pregnancy

You can protect your health and your growing baby with a healthy diet. more...

Nutritional variety and important nutrients

If you are pregnant you should choose a variety of foods daily from the four food groups: grain products, vegetables and fruit, milk products, and meat and alternatives. more...

How many extra calories do I need while pregnant?

During pregnancy, your basal metabolic rate (BMR, or the number of calories you use each day) will increase, and you'll need more calories to support the extra work needed for fetal development. more...

Will I require vitamin or mineral supplements during pregnancy?

Consult your doctor or dietitian – you might need to take a vitamin supplement during pregnancy. more...

What foods or substances should I avoid?

Pregnant women should avoid certain foods and substances during pregnancy. more...

Vegetarianism during pregnancy

Pregnant women who are vegetarian can still enjoy a carefully planned vegetarian diet. There are many health benefits to vegetarian diets, but women who are pregnant need to take extra care to get enough of the nutrients more easily supplied in a non-vegetarian diet. more...


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