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Is it just heartburn? Hunger pangs? Bad food? Or are you bleeding on the inside? Don't ignore the symptoms: ulcers can be a serious problem. Find out how to prevent, identify, and treat them. For additional health information, please talk to your Costco Pharmacist.


Stopping Heartburn's Acid Sting

Heartburn isn't just a burden that comes along with eating certain foods. It's a real condition affecting millions of people. But with certain preventive treatments, you may be able to take the sting out of it and find lasting relief. Read on to learn how.

Medication that works: Andrew's story

After over-the-counter heartburn remedies didn't do the trick, Andrew finally found lasting relief with a prescribed medication. more...

Pepsin: What's it all about?

Normal digestion involves more than just stomach acid. Enter pepsin, the digestive enzyme. more...

The role acid plays in heartburn

If you have heartburn, there's likely too much acid swooshing around in your stomach. more...

Heartburn complications you can't dismiss

If you have frequent heartburn and you don't treat it or seek medical attention, you could develop potentially dangerous complications. more...


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